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Lifetime Candles

Lifetime Candles make a thoughtful sympathy gift. These glass containers are filled with clear paraffin oil and beautiful natural elements such as butterflies, fruit, flowers or shells. The wick is included and is easily placed into the vessel. The candle lasts a Lifetime as all you need to do is add paraffin oil while the inside decor remains the same. These are available for local delivery or pick up only and due to flammable liquid, we are unable to ship these candles.

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • Due to an increase in the cost of roses, some product prices may be impacted during the Valentine‚Äôs delivery period.

  • Small Lifetime Candle (Cube, Oval)


  • Half Cylinder Lifetime Candle


  • Tall Cylinder Lifetime Candle


  • Brandy Snifter Lifetime Candle


  • Wooden Light box


Small Lifetime Candle (Cube, Oval) -

Half Cylinder Lifetime Candle -

Tall Cylinder Lifetime Candle -

Brandy Snifter Lifetime Candle -

Wooden Light box -